Save the Richmond Hills
Preserving natural beauty for future generations


The Richmond Hills Initiative has been adopted!

However, as we feared, it’s not the end of the story. Three of the speculators are in the process of suing the City of Richmond in an attempt to overturn the Initiative. The Sierra Club has agreed to help the City respond to the lawsuits, and to that end we have hired a specialist lawyer to help build the case.

Such lawsuits are not uncommon in the aftermath of the passage of initiatives like ours, and we knew there was a good chance that this might come up. The language of the initiative has been carefully crafted to stand up in court in anticipation of this possibility. We can take heart from the fact that sister initiatives in other Bay Area communities have withstood similar legal challenges.

You can get information on the progress of the trial and other updates by clicking HERE

We had a fantastically successful (and fun!) sold-out benefit concert in November. We are still, however, in need of donations to fund the defense effort. You can get information on how to donate by clicking  HERE